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Scottish wildlife is an amusing blend of stange creatures that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  I have listed (with exclusive photos!) the three most know.


The haggis is a major foodsource in Scotland.  These shy creatures can now and then be seen roaming in the hills and mountains.

They might have scary looking teeth, but these wonderful creatures are stricktly vegetarian.

The haggis has actually 4 legs, but the legs on the left side is considerably shorter than their righthand side legs.  This is due to them always walking in anti-clockwise circles around the hills and mountains.

September the 10th to September the 25th is the annual haggis Hunting festival.

Highland Cow

As the picture shows, the Highland Cow is very integrated into the Scottish society.  Here seen freely grazing in front of the Wallace Monument.

These animals are not a major food source.  They are more like crows (would you eat a crow?)...  seen everywhere and make a lot of noise.


Nessie is even more shy than the Haggis.  Seen only on very few occasions.

Nessie is a prehistoric monster that lives in Loch Ness.  When she one day is captured it is believe that she will be a major food source (a feast for all Scots!).

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