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Golfing and caber tossing...

And that's about it, when it comes to sports and leisure!

Caber Tossing

This might sound like some sort of rude activity for sports and leisure, but it's a a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

You pick up a caber (a fallen tree), and toss (throw) it as far as you can.  The one who tosses it the furthers, wins!  In the old days, after McScots unfortunate death, the Scots used to toss the caber to see who would become the new king.

Nowadays, the Scots doesn't need a king to rule, so they toss the caber for fun.  It is a common mistake to think that the caber only gets tossed at Highland Games.  Caber tossing is a daily activety.  Scots just carry their cabers around, and then toss it when they feel like it!

Children use mini cabers...  or branches (twigs for infants).

This lovely picture is of me tossing a caber up in the Highlands...  I didn't bring my caber that day, but when the urge came to toss the caber, I just picked up a fallen tree, and tossed away!


I can hear the outcries!!!  "Not wearing a kilt!?!"  Well, let me explain...  all Scots wear kilts all the time, but it's a custom to wear trousers while playing golf.  In the old days Scots always wore kilts while playing golf, but after quite a few incidents where the sporran (the furry pouch hanging over the kilt) got caught in golfclubs, it's now more and more Scots that wear trousers while playing golf.

Golf was as you all probably know invented in Scotland...  what you probably didn't know was that it was McScot himself that invented it.  He was down in St Andrews, one fine summers day, strutting around in his manky old kilt on the beach...  Some of the posh Scot inhabitants of St Andrews sniggered at McScots old kilt...  McScot took his sons mini caber, and used it as a club to shoot pebbles at the sniggering people...  This was seen by many a Scot that was strutting on the beach there that day, and they all though that clubbing pebbles with a mini caber looked like loads of fun...  and that was the beginning of golf!

This unforgetable shot was taken outside Striling Castle, where I often go to practise golf.

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