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Food & Drink

What does the Scot eat and drink?

The Scot doesn't have a very varied diet.  There are only two approved food sources.  For cats there are three, as they have the third choice, which is cat-food.

Listed below are the Scots food and drinks sources.


The Haggis might be a difficult animal to hunt, but once it's caught and killed it's the easiest thing in the world to prepare.

Between the 10th and the 25th of September each year, all Scots go Haggis hunting.  They then make sure they stock up on Haggis, as it will have to last until the next Haggis Hunting Festival.

As soon as the Haggis has been brought home (and hopefully killed), all you have to do is break off the legs (snapps like dry twigs), and cut off the frontal part.  Then boil for about 45 minutes - and there you go!  Scrumptious Haggis for all.  Taste just like hotdogs!

Deep Fried Mars Bars

An absolute delicious meal!  Take a Mars bar, dip it in batter and then deep-fry it!

Of course, you should never try this at home, as the only places where is's made with success, is at Scottish "Fish & Chips" shops.  Nobdy really knows why these shops are called "Fish & Chips" shops, as the only thing they sell are deep fried Mars bars.


Of course this is not given to yourng children!  No, infants only get Irn-Bru, it's not until children become toddlers that they get to have their first sip of Whiskey.

Unfortenatly the lakes (or Lochs, if you wish) that was filled with Whiskey and Irn-Bru when McScot came to Scotland, have long ago been emptied.  So, now all Scots either work at a Distillery (making Whiskey), at an Irn-Bru factory, or at a "Fish & Chips" shop.

Irn Bru

"Surely Scots can't drink Whiskey all the time?" you ask...  no, silly!  They also drink Irn-Bru.  A highly thirst-quenching carbonated drink.

Just the smallest sip, and you are hooked for life!

This also comes in the handy "diet" form.  As both Haggis and  Deep Fried Mars bar are calorie bombs, all those calories get wiped out if eaten while drinking Diet Irn-Bru.

Please take a sec to vote which of these meals are the tastiest!