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Welcome to Scotland... seen through Spartacus' eyes!


Ah - dreaming of Bonnie Scotland!

As every true Scot, I sleep, eat, drink and chase insects in my kilt!

This page is dedicated to Scotland... and me!

And "you are?" you might ask - well, I'm Spartacus!  The most handsome cat on the net!  (Or so I'm told by my mamma every day)

I'm a bonnie lad from Scotland, a feline lad I might add.   I was born in July of 2004, born and bred a true Scot!

So, this page is for all of you out there, that might wonder what sort of country Scotland is...  why - even some Scots might wonder how Scotland is being viewed by a handsome kitty like me...

Let the exploring begin!

All my pages here will have their own little subject...  carefully chosen by me.  Some of my facts might be a tad bit dubious, so I suggest you do not write an essay or hold a speach based on any of the knowledge you aquire from my very informative site about Scotland (as there might be a few details that I have somewhat changed for the benefit of my own amusement).

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