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So, this is what you've learnt:


  • Is a country
  • Is a she
  • Is bonnie
  • Was discovered in 1284 by McScot

Scottish People:
  • Wear kilts all the time (except for playing golf)
  • Are friendly (and honest)
  • Have clans instead of families
  • Drink loads of Whiskey
  • Drink loads of Irn Bru
  • Hunt and eat Haggis
  • Eat deep Fried Mars Bars
  • Play golf
  • Toss the caber
  • Are hoping to catch Nessie (so they can have a feast of something else than Deep Fried Mars Bars and Haggis!)
  • Work at Whiskey Distilleries, Irn-Bru Factories or "Fish & Chips" Shops
  • Am Scottish
  • Am very clever (made this website...  didn't I?)
  • Have a lovely spotted belly, ideal for cuddeling
  • Like to wear a kilt
  • Can toss the caber
  • Plays golf
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