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Bonnie Scotland

Scotland...  the bonniest country in the whole world!

First...  Scotland is a she.  She's bonnie, proud and majestic.

Scotland was discovered by a man named Scott.  One fine day in 1284 he walked across Englands north border - and lo and behold!  A beautiful country!  Finders keepers, Scott thought, and decided to call the country Scotland.

Scott himself decided to change is name to McScot, as it had a better ring to it than just plain old Scott.  He sent for all his friends and family, telling them about this gorgeous country, and so they all came and bred.

Scotland had lakes of whiskey and irn-bru, haggis roaming the hills and even a place called Arbroath.  McScot lived here as the king of Scotland until 1299, when he died in an unfortunate haggis hunting accident.

  Just in case...

you how forgotten all about geography, I have added this map to help trigger your memory where Scotland is (NB:  This is a WorldMap, of the Earth, incase you are an alien-being surfing the net).

World Map

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