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Who lives in Scotland?

The answer is quite simple...  cats and humans!  There is also some other wildlife here, but they have of course been given their own page dedicated to them.

Prime examples of two true Scots



There is over 5 millions Scots living in Scotland.  As every true Scots, they wear kilts all day long.  As Scots have gotten a more relaxed view of their national costume over the years, the kilt can now be combined with t-shirts, or (normally if female) a bikini top.

The Scot is a very friendly breed...  but be warned you gullable people out there - the are also very honest!  So if you don't want to hear the truth ("do I look fat in this?"), don't ask the question ("aye!").

They are very proud of their country, as they should be...  and love their history (traced all the way back to McScot himself!).

All Scots come from a clan.  Scots wanted to be special, and decided that the word "family" was way to common, so they decided to call "family" clan instead.  Much more fun!  They even went to the extent of making their own fabric, all checked, with "special" colours to make into their kilts.  They called the fabric "tartan", as it was fun to say after 3 bottles of whiskey.  

The kilt, as they are so famous for, and now a world wide trade mark for Scotland herself, came to as Scots found it way to difficult to make trousers.  A kilt was something even a Haggis-basher could make - and so they did!


For the Scottish cat it's not obligatory to wear kilts, but most of the time we prefer to.

The amount of cats in Scotland is unknown, as we can't be bothered with all this counting stuff.

Are you are Scot? Are you a pet? Do you have a superb website? If so, please feel free to add it to my links directory!

A prime exaple of a Scottish cat (me!)


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